Estonia is drug-free. How the police “cleaned up” the darknet

The Estonian police and prosecutor’s office have rid the country of a virtual “drug store”. But they state that the problem has not been solved on a global scale – drugs are spreading and entail many other crimes.

On Monday, December 6, the Baltic media, with reference to the press service of the Police and Border Guard Department, reported that within three years the Estonian State Prosecutor’s Office had charged 13 people who kept a “narco-store” in the darknet, as well as a supplier, a citizen of Latvia, who tried to expand his activities to other countries. The court found guilty the managers and employees of “e-univergamag” who supplied Estonia with drugs.

According to the head of the Bureau for combating Organized Crime of the Central Criminal Police, Ago Leys, the police constantly monitor not only the Estonian street drug market, but also the Internet drug market, and the latter is increasing.

“The police collect information about people who distribute drugs and interfere with their actions.

In recent years, drug trafficking in the Darkenet has become increasingly relevant. But anonymity in the Darknet is illusory, and the police have enough ways to lie down and prevent crimes hidden on the dark side of the Internet. This is also proved by the fact that, despite the secrecy of the criminals, we identified these groups, and the activities of each new group were suppressed faster than the previous one,” Leys said.