However, according to Leys,

We have to admit that only the detention of groups of drug suppliers still did not give the desired result, that is, it did not stop large-scale drug trafficking through the darknet in Estonia: “Therefore, we continued our purposeful work to identify the supplier of drugs. We knew that this is an international organized crime, for the prevention of which international cooperation with law enforcement agencies of other countries is very important.”

And further work finally led to the identification of the drug supplier.

State Prosecutor Vakhur Verte called the expected breakthrough the detention and detention of a Latvian citizen named Evgenijs, who permanently resided in Spain and is known in the darknet as Teslaboy and Valhalla. Since 2019, the Central Criminal Police and the State Prosecutor’s Office have conducted six criminal proceedings in Estonia related to this supplier.

It is clarified that in the same darknet, the criminal found partners from Estonia necessary for the work of the “narco-department store”, who under his leadership built intermediate warehouses and were engaged in the sale of drugs. The case involves criminal income of more than one million euros. As part of these criminal cases, the court’s decision confiscated criminal income, including bitcoins, in the amount of more than 400,000 euros. After the arrest of Evgenijs, not a single new “drug store” of this scale appeared on the darknet in Estonia.