Under the leadership of a Latvian citizen, three narco-department stores

“The evidence collected during the criminal proceedings clearly indicated that the criminal group had thoroughly thought through its activities, and they fully understood the illegality and danger of their actions,” the prosecutor stressed.

And he noted that “as practice shows

Violence is always associated with the drug business of an international scale, including the use of violence with fatal consequences is not excluded”: “The potential danger of this group is also characterized by the fact that Yevgenyis was charged with illegal handling of firearms, since he sent along with drugs to the head of the department store operating in Estonia and firearms with ammunition.”

Operated in Estonia in different spheres, and each new group began its activities after the police and the prosecutor’s office covered up the activities of the previous operating group. To investigate crimes with the assistance of Europol and Eurojust, an international investigation team was formed, which also included Latvia and Switzerland. The Netherlands, Spain, Denmark and Finland participated as observers.